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61  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: music for games on: 2005-01-23 14:05:32
yes I think that whatever you want to sell, be it music or something else, you'll have to give away a couple of example for free anyway, and your first compositions will probably not bring you anything but help you build your popularity.
62  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Project Proposal: Prophecy on: 2005-01-21 20:57:37
I don't think a fighting game would need all those technologies, but why not if it is a learning project.
63  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Stupid business side of games industry on: 2005-01-21 20:08:30
The "game industry" doesn't refere only to the big whorish corporations.
I think these corporations are doomed in the medium term, they wil die by where they have sinned : too much money (their shareholder will sooner or later decide they want their money back). These companies have decided it would be a waste of time to make anything else than big licenses (NFL,NBA,harry potter,Disney,lucas,etc,etc...). And these licensing prices will probably go through the roof with time.
When they start putting advertisement in their games , you can imagine how interesting the final "prodct" will be. Today already ,most console and PC games have become nothing but an exposition of breasts,semi-naked girls, big cars, gangsta attitude and of course big guns. It seems that the intellectually challenged are a better market for this "industry".

I think there is some room for some adventurous independant companies that can market interesting games without a million dollars investment.There are so many consumers that dont find what they want in today's commercial games.what is a niche market today can become the heart of the industry tomorrow, after all videogames are a luxury and consumer are generally prone to make some efforts to go toward a more "elitist" offer (just look at how much money people have been ready to waste to obtain the latest import of japanese videogames or mangas).
IMHO That's the best way to go for a good aspiring coder , it has became a really bad idea to try to have a job in the so-called "industry" now, unless you want to be treated like a slave.
Unless the "big industry" kills independant companies with algorythm patents.
64  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Using GarageBand for game development? on: 2005-01-21 19:05:51
Yeah buzzmachine looks very interesting.Too bad all the examples on the site are crappy techno music, I'm sure you can make great music with that.
Thanks for the link.
65  Game Development / Game Play & Game Design / Re: Getting off the ground on: 2005-01-20 16:48:22
I have some experience with a few completed game projects and I am personally alergic to too much pre-code design, and I am repulsed by things like UML. If I were to make a UML diagram I would probably spend all my time admiring and optimizing the diagram and I wouldn't start coding at all. Grin
I think the best option is to have a good and clear view of what your project should be, in your head.You must also have enough experience to know what you can do and what you can't and restrict yourself to the former.
Before starting, divide your project in intermediate steps corresponding to what you can identify as the difficult parts.and write down this roadmap somewhere (I use notepad). Try to think modular and if possible make little "bricks" of program that you can use elsewhere and to help you build the whole.
While coding you'll probably think of things to add and you'll notice bugs to resolve.As soon as you think of it you should write it down (for future processing) and come back to the task you are dealing with.
You must make a hierarchy for the importance of the different  tasks, solve the urgent problems and code structural backbone in first , at the end you'll take care of bell and whistles.
Anyway I am working alone and if I was part of a team things would be different and I'd probably need diagrams to explaion things to people.

Now to come back to your particular case, I think your problem is a lack of experience with java because there isn't so much difference between java and VB , if you could do it in VB there's no reason for not being able to do it in java.
you are probably confused by the  different structure of the Java code,you should take a look at some simple algorythms and examples because Java is generally a good language to let your ideas flowing.
66  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: freerails on: 2005-01-20 16:23:49
I'll issue some comments :
This is really a very polished game.
I appreciate all the work that must have gone into the interface. and the game logic as well.
That is good quality, with more polishing  and artistic contents, you could without any doubt go commercial.
Only problem is: why do you want to build railroad tracks in the amazonian jungle?  Roll Eyes that makes me upset.
67  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: AgentFX 3D Engine on: 2005-01-17 20:44:38
Wow the licensing price is very affordable now,thanks Smiley
Now it has become a possibility for me if I take the route of commercial devellopment.
AgentFX seems to be AAA quality.
68  Java Game APIs & Engines / jMonkeyEngine / Re: Why do you hate me? :( on: 2005-01-16 16:15:10

That helped a little.

NeHe's tutorials doesn't explain what I want to know.

For instance, NeHe explains that to do sprite masking you would use glBlendFunc(source, destination).
Though it doesn't explain anything beyond that.

You have a nice OpenGL doc here
69  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What next? on: 2005-01-15 15:30:36
I personally would like to see a longer game with something like a story(minimal, like in the arcade games)
If you prefer smaller,senseless arcade games there are many good ones to copy, I'd vote for dig-dug or that arcade game called rod-land.
If you prefer shooters there are: berzerk, armor attack, bosconian, there are so many of them! (mame is your friend)
Or you can think up something totally original (I suggest to give the player more actions than just moving and firing)
70  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: Drawing Text to a canvas on: 2005-01-15 15:09:24
Another related question :

Once I have a window (or a fullscreen) with a GLCanvas, is it possible to alternate phases where I use the GL display, and phases where I would use the canvas with standard AWT or swing display operations?
For example a game using 3D display, and when the match is finished I display a score table (but no more 3D at all).
Is that possible?
71  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Blu-Ray, Java, Consoles and Java Games on: 2005-01-14 12:25:34
C'mon guys. There's exactly 2 sentences in that article that reference Java:

Sun announced today that it has become a contributing member to the Blu-ray Disk Association, and that Java technology will play a key roll in providing interactive content that will revolutionize home entertainment.


Java technology will play a key part in Blu-ray, and will allow Blu-ray content vendors to take interactive high definition video to revolutionary levels not possible with DVD disks. .

Oh my god! I hope they don't pull out another CD-I
Roll Eyes
72  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: New release of MightyBubbles on: 2005-01-12 22:39:55
no problem, if it works for anybody else, then don't change your program for me  Grin
73  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: Only seeing one texture on: 2005-01-12 22:37:50
I tried again with what you said was the good version and what do you know, now it works  Huh  Huh  
I have updated my graphic drivers to the latest just before I try , but I can't say for sure that it is the change in driver that made it works bcause I forgot to test this version with the old drivers Tongue
74  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: New release of MightyBubbles on: 2005-01-12 21:47:23
I have updated to the latest drivers and now it is even worse.
All I can see is a post-stamp sized version of the screen in the middle of my monitor and the application freezes Sad
75  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: Only seeing one texture on: 2005-01-12 18:35:08
could it be a problem with the drivers of the video card?
I have the standard nVidia drivers.
76  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: Only seeing one texture on: 2005-01-11 21:43:19
No, don't do that.

cyberyoyo: it's a coincidence, that your array index matches your texture name!

You seem to have a problem in your texture-initialization, so that you don't have the right texture names in your textures-array. Print out it contents and see, if there are different integers in the array...

Toi answer your question, I have examined the array and the numbers are the same(0).But I'm sure I didn't make any problem in my initialisation code, I've followed the exampe program stickied at the top of this forum.

Why do you say it is an error to do that? do you mean there can be more textures than the size of the array? would that result in mismatched textures?

Anyway, so far it works absolutely perfectly in all my tests, different programs,different number of textures.
and the method with
doesn't work at all (always the last texture)

Incidentally the JOGL tutorials at NeHe's site, all use the
method glBind*texture(gl_texture_2d,i)
77  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: What do you get out of game development? on: 2005-01-11 14:22:10
Hey every time I quit a project I come closer to actually finish it!
My last project actually reached the stage of public Alpha (almost beta).
The best thing to do is to carefully plan your project, make a roadmap, divide the project in small tasks for each aspect of the game then do not leave a task unless it is completed.
78  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Video game systems - which do you own? on: 2005-01-11 14:03:34
Systems I own or have owned (most of them I don't have anymore):
-atari VCS
-oric 1
-amiga 1200
-sega megadrive
-super nintendo
-PC compatible
-3do Panasonic
-nintendo 64 (yeah there stop my adventures with the consoles lol)

Plus the emulators Wink
79  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Why Java, not C++? on: 2005-01-11 02:46:02
Hello, I would like to answer the original question "Why Java for games?".
I am not a code guru but I have a fairly good amount of experience at coding games( more precisely FPS modifications).I have reached  a good level of expertise before realizing I was wasting my time develloping huge projects for a commercial game engine for which I would never own a license (and no, I don't have the "dream" of working as an employee for corporate videogame industry )    Lips Sealed

Well back to the point: I think Java would be awesome for games because of it's high level approach, and its perfect implementation of OOP. When games start reaching a certain threshold of complexity you just can't keep coder ressources invested on two huge fronts (low-level stuff and high-level).
When using high level object language, big chunks of code can migrate from the main loops to the objects, you can manage your project easier and can deleguate tasks to second-rank coders and artist guys.Complexity is an important factor in the success or the failure of a project.
A language like java is very well suited for complex games such as RPGs, MMORPGS,Strategy games,network games, etc,etc...

Today the japanese are the ones winning the battle of innovation in videogames.They can pull very original games such as Ico,viewtiful joe, to name a few, while western devellopers can't go beyond the paramilitary "infiltration" desert gun-show "games" they are serving us non-stop now. studios like Capcom,and other develloping games on consoles, don't need to waste ressource on low level stuff because the consoles limits are set and known from the start. Console devellopers  are "free" to conceive original games (actually they are forced to search new ideas to stand out from the mass), while most PC devellopers just change the game engine and serve us the same game than 10 years ago(doom with bump mapping, half-life with bump mapping,etc...).
Java devellopers can be in the same situation than the console devellopers since they don't have to worry about low level specificities (CROSS PLATFORM remember?).
And the high level oop coding and libraires available make it easier to devellop middleware. All we need is a couple of succesfull projects that would start a critical mass.

Oh and before I finish, the very popular unreal engine uses a powerful scripting language that is based on(and very similar to) java. UnrealScript is an interpreted OOP language that manage all the in-game objects and maps. The only things done in native code are generally the renderer routines, and so most of the unreal engine games (this is alot of commercial games) are coded (almost!) in java
So Java is already in games, and you don't know Smiley

(I apologize if that post doesn't make a lot of sense, it's because of my bad english)
80  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Hey I can help on: 2005-01-10 20:48:34
I had the same problem and it took me 3 days before I can figure it out.

Instead of

you must use:
 gl.glBindTexture(GL_TEXTURE_2D, i ) 
81  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: JOGL Fullscreen & Excusive on: 2005-01-09 17:30:47
To use the full screen exclusive mode you must use the method provided by Sun there:
With Java 1.4

Hope it helps
82  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: New release of MightyBubbles on: 2005-01-04 14:59:01
I have windows 98 and a geForce 4 ti4200.
I'll check the drivers to see if I can update them and I'll tell you.
83  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: FPSAnimator etc. . . controlling CPU use on: 2005-01-04 14:55:33
On windows 98, Thread.sleep() is poorly accurate (minimum sleep is 50 ms, so Thread.sleep(1, 2, 3...) == Thread.sleep(50) ).
Better on later versions.

So use this method if you don't target W98 systems.


Is there a good alternative to thread.sleep() then?
84  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: New release of MightyBubbles on: 2005-01-04 02:52:49
I'm sorry to say that this game has a problem on my machine
After approximately 30 seconds of play, the whole screen becomes blurred like if it was flashing between two different image.
An educated guess would indicate that it must be a problem with double buffering but it could be something else.
I have noted similar problems with the lwjgl demos , but I don't think the cause is the same since you said you were using java2d and not open GL for the graphics.
I have an AMD Athlon 2.6+ with windows98 and Jdk1.5.0.
I have taken a picture
But although you can see the problems on the characters, it only shows half of the trouble, because the scenery is also flickering like if the game was switching very fast between two different frames for the scenery,unfortunately  it doesn't appear on my capture.
85  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: FPSAnimator etc. . . controlling CPU use on: 2005-01-03 23:13:02
I think you made a little mistake in your method


time = System.nanoTime();
time = System.nanoTime() - time;
//time is currently the elapsed time used

time -= timeperframe;
//time is now the extra time that is not used

Actually time would now be not the extra time available, but the time that your display used additionally of its alloted 1/50th of a second.
So basically when your display time is superior to 1/50th of a second you make it worse by letting the thread sleep by this same margin.So you'll never reach the desired 50fps.
So, Instead of

time -= timeperframe;

it should be


86  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: newbie needs help on: 2004-12-29 15:52:32
Oh ok. That brings more questions :
Must I uncompress the dll files AND also keep the jar somewhere ?
Or can I get rid of it safely? I couldn't test my code without uncompressing the Dlls ,have I been doing something wrong?
Is java WebStart the best way to distribute a software nowadays?
Or should I use the traditional approach of packages with command files for each OS ?

87  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: newbie needs help on: 2004-12-29 04:07:16
Okay I found the solution myself, it turned out that I needed to unzip the natives.jar file and put the dlls in a place where they could be reached.I was confused because of the '.jar' file extension.
It's working now Smiley
88  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / newbie needs help on: 2004-12-29 03:43:50
hello all, sorry to disturb you with my total noobie question but I'd really like to work with jogl.
I consider myself a good java coder but unfortunately I've never worked with external libraries and jar files before.
Now I have some problems compiling and running a simple Jogl example (the one in the introduction thread).I am using jext and a dos window (I don't like complex coding evironments).
I can compile it fairly easily the problem is that I couldn't run it as it kept throwing me a noClassDefFound error.
I managed to make it work somehow with the following syntax:
java -cp .;jogl.jar;jogl-natives-win32.jar

The problem is that it nows throws me an unsatisfied link error
I've put both jogl.jar and jogl-natives-win32.jar in 3 different directories:

  • c:\jdk1.5.0_01\jre\lib\ext

  • c:\program files\java\jre1.5.0_01\lib\ext

  • and finally in the same directory where the java and class files of the test class are located (ultimately I'd like to keep those jogl jar files in this directory only)
What am I doing wrong?
whats the good installation path for windows users?

Thanks in advance
89  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: WebStart / Performance test on: 2004-12-28 21:24:56
I just ran it with the following config:
-amd Athlon 2600+
-GeForce4 ti4200

I get 82.557 FPS

It doesn't run fullscreen, only windowed,is that normal?
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