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31  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: BubbleRacer 2005 on: 2005-02-16 16:04:58
hey doesn't work for me , I have a blank screen for half a second and then it exits, probably something wrong when initializing fullscreen.
32  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: BEST GAME EVER on: 2005-02-15 20:06:36
mafia !
33  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: LWJGL vs Jogl on: 2005-02-15 00:23:22
It's very personal but I don't like external game libraries because IMO they make things more difficult ,except for the creators of said libraries.
That's why I chose JOGL, I prefer to create my own library from scratch with a clean base that lets me access OpenGL as I need to, it actually lets me save time.
With a game library or "framework" you have to spend a lot of time learning the library and how to use it.
34  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: RoboticsWar Java2D+LWJGL+JOGL on: 2005-02-13 19:24:47
that's funny, I have the keyboard bug in the applet but not in the application version (french keyboard W=Z)
35  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: BubbleRacer4k - real time raytracing on: 2005-02-13 19:12:39
yeah it's too low res now.And what's the reason for making raytracing if you remove reflexion and shadows lol?
I prefer the ancient version better with the 4.44 fps Wink
36  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: How do I rotate an image? on: 2005-02-10 23:37:03
Wow, you guys totally rule the internet. I'm impressed.
37  Games Center / Showcase / Re: A very premature posting of my game on: 2005-02-10 23:32:13
Hey that looks fun, I'd like to play that game. Just make sure the gameplay isn't boring and the screens aren't a succession of empty room.
I could have sworn the characters were from Poser , the graphics look really good and crispy. Oh and KFC might sue you for their logo lol,(but I like the idea).
38  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: BubbleRacer4k - real time raytracing on: 2005-02-10 23:07:25
Hey that's great, I like experimentations like that.
It's working rather well for me :I get 4.4 fps on a 2.6+ Athlon (real speed of 1.99Mhz) and a GeForce4 ti4200.
I think you should keep refining your little engine, one day raytracing games will be the norm.Maybe you'll be able to find some optimizations without sacrificing the raytracing "purity" in the process.
I noticed there's some reflexion inside of the big spheres.If I make a full stop near one of them, then turn, the camera gets behind the walls and I see some little spheres inside of the big ones.
39  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Recently people have been wandering... on: 2005-02-05 13:32:24
oooh another forum transgender, yawn...
Seen so many of these already  Roll Eyes
I remember in one very frequented forum these other guy who became hated by everybody because he kept changing sex all the time saying he was really a guy and after denying, was just a way to attract the attention but it can become very nasty sometimes.
40  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: redistribution questions (noob) on: 2005-02-03 21:23:07
Thanks  for your answers.
For some reasons (probably wrong) I didn't  want to use webstart.
I found an old thread from which I understood that if I used webstart I the final user would be linked automatically to the relevant natives for his computer, and if I didn't want to use it I'r have toi either pack everything in the jar or make separate downloads.
Oh well , I'll take a look at webstart when I have the time.
JOGL is a damn fine library, thanks a lot.
41  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: redistribution questions (noob) on: 2005-02-03 14:50:58
Any idea?
42  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: RoboticsWar Java2D+LWJGL+JOGL on: 2005-02-02 19:22:38
Nice but the JOGL version doesn't work for me: the fullscreen frame is completely white with a 'ok' button that doesn't respond.
43  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / redistribution questions (noob) on: 2005-02-01 22:01:49
Hi all,
I am finishing my first demo using JOGL and I am preparing to wrap it up to redistribute it and post it on that internet thing.
But being fairly new to all the open source , I am wondering what is the correct way to redistribute the jogl files?
I intend to put everything in a jar archive.
On my computer I chose to let the JOGL files in the directory of the class instead of installing them as a java library, is that the correct way to distribute them? and what about the native files:
-Should I include all the native files for every OS in the jar (that would make it enormous)
-in my installation I had to unzip the native jar archive because the class wouldn't compile otherwise (I put the dll file in the same directory than everything else) is that a breach of the license?

I would like to let people download my jar file and run the program by clicking on it (or with a simple command line on non-windows oses) without having to download anything additional.

I would also like to know about eventual restrictions in the case I would like to use JOGL in a commercial software( shareware or sthg like that)

On the project page I found only thge lnik to the Berkely BSD license template, but it states that the softwarer should be distributed with the license text, but I didn't find any licens file in the JOGL archives, do I have to create them myself?

Thanks for your answers.
44  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Game idea: Manage encounter with extraterrestr on: 2005-01-30 19:09:36
Zingbat: I think Digitprop was seeing that software more as an explorational software than a real game (yeah that's the sort of ideas you come up with after reading an exciting book Smiley  )

The idea sounds good but at the same time very risky.I can see many places where the game can be made to suck.
For example you need to put enough randomization on the destination parameters , so that the game doesn't become a game of optimization that becomes boring once you have found the best development tree and the best options for the flight.
On the other hand too much randomization could make it frustrating and too much arbitrary with too many expeditions being too ill-prepared to score big.  
Conclusion : a good part of the gameplay should reside in an observation phase where you would observe the planet and try to devise conclusions from remote observations.And there should be enough parameters to enable that.
45  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: J4K on: 2005-01-30 18:56:27
I find all these 4k games awesome and for some reason they provide me with more entertainment than if they were full of 3d and songs and lalalas.
when this contest is over, why don't you guys compile all these 4k entries in one bigger game?
You could invent a meta-plot (for example an alien who must collect X prizes to get back home) with pretexes to play each mini-game.
Isn't that a good idea? Grin
46  Java Game APIs & Engines / JOGL Development / Re: Internet explorer jre1.5.0 freezing? on: 2005-01-30 18:38:07
Maybe it's a fireWall related problem?
47  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Timer or homemade game loop? on: 2005-01-29 21:42:39
Well depends what you mean by "timer"

"thread.sleep(20)" could be considered a timer too.
48  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: New release of MightyBubbles on: 2005-01-29 15:53:01
Hi, I forgot to tell you since the last time but I finally managed to make it work on my computer.
I reinstalled the latest video drivers (and this time I didn't forget to remove the ancient ones lol) works like a charm Smiley
49  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Water - Homemade engine on: 2005-01-29 15:41:49
not bad.I could even simulate a tsunami with it and it sort of worked  :-/
50  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Timer or homemade game loop? on: 2005-01-29 15:17:02
For fast games I prefer to use a timer and calculate the time elapsed since the last update and trigger events after x seconds.
but this method requires a more complex organisation and more computations everywhere. And it uses more CPU, could be a problem with multi threads maybe.

t=system time (let's suppose all times are represented in seconds)
et1=0;   //event 1 is triggered every 0.1 seconds
et2=0;   //event 2 is triggered every 2.5  seconds

   if (et1>=0.1)
              //fire event 1
                      //if you can afford to loose some calls to event1
                     // in the case your computer is too slow to update every 0.1 seconds ;     you could prefer
                     //if for example you want the player'
s energy to go down of X points  every 0.1 seconds you should use instead:

//same for event2
   //Update rest of the game here

   et1+=system time-t;  
   et2+=system time-t;  
   t=system time;
51  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: BBC article on: 2005-01-25 19:45:41
Home computers have the potential to have much cheaper games than consoles.
And contrary to what Microsoft(directX), the hardware manufacturers and the videogame mass-media want you to believe, you don't need the latest
3D library to make a game interesting or even beautiful.
That's where independant publishers have a role to play.
52  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: BBC article on: 2005-01-25 15:53:51
This is good news for the pc market. If nobody can afford to develop for consoles anymore the only place for innovation will be pc.

I think there will be a great tribulation with the game industry anyway.They are facing increasing economical problems and they can't continue the way they are doing, especially considering the bad games the big, 'established' companies are doing. There will be a crisis (well it happened already several times in the history of videogaming). You can sense that in the way how companies like EA are becoming enormous and producing only big licenses.The consumers aren't going to spend their lives buying each yearly iteration of a copyrighted sport game.The console market is saturated .Even if a few japanese companies can continue to devellop interesting console games (Capcom for example)
Maybe the PC will come back as an interesting platform indeed.With a different economic model. The games are too expensive for a start.
53  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Defection To Mono on: 2005-01-25 05:37:32

When you claim that you aren't going to be getting Java on a console EVER in a capacity that you can use, do you know that or are you speculating?  And even if you had Java on the consoles TODAY, do you have a way of getting your game on to the console?  How many consoles are set up to download games from the net?  Every console owner I know has to go buy/rent a DVD or CD.

In any case, I doubt that anybody who isn't part of a BIG publishing company will ever be able to enter the console market.
The ps3 and XBox2 are out very soon and when they are on the market the consumers will stop using their PS2 and XBOX1 alltogether (like what happened with the PS1), the few people who will remain with these consoles will probably not use them to  play independant games.
About those next gen consoles : several established game companies are already complaining that they won't be able to deploy the manpower necessary to make good games on these machines.
And I doubt any indie develloper would be able to make a breakthrough in the market of mini-shooters and 'oldies', just look at how companies like nintendo are making sure these bases are covered with their mario/wario games and their re-issue of so-called '8 bit classics'.

I think the market of  an indie producer is not on consoles but really on the home computer. and nowhere else.
54  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: BBC article on: 2005-01-24 19:00:12
I wish some day Java (particularly LWJGL or others killing Java APIs) could help facing this problem by writing the code once and running it on any console.  Tongue

I think the problem is not really with varying computer systems (that happens all the time) but more to see with the big companies merging and small companies being choked to death or exploited and unable to find distribution.
This article is from the point of view of someone who thinks game companies are about bringing money to the shareholders and not about making good games.That explains the final comment  :-/
55  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: A demo RPG Game on: 2005-01-23 19:12:13
Fullscreen doesn't work for me ,windowed is ok.
Win98 + GF4 ti4200.
56  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Faster, smaller, simpler: yours for $99 on: 2005-01-23 19:04:08
They should hang the genius who had the brilliant idea to spam the "add/remove software" registry every time you run anything in webstart Angry
57  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: Stag Party 4k on: 2005-01-23 16:44:36
hey it works for me!(but it runs in a window not fullscreen)
It's good for 4k.
The controls would be better without the Z-X rotation that's useless and confusing.
58  Games Center / 4K Game Competition - 2005 / Re: My Java 4k submission on: 2005-01-23 16:37:20
Very good.
I think the difficult part will be when you'll have to create different models of ships and all of the art that will make your game a game, the 3d engine is generally not the more difficult,I'm not sure it will be possible just by yourself, but you're definitely on the right tracks.
59  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Faster, smaller, simpler: yours for $99 on: 2005-01-23 15:16:22
Turns out it's rather less, and it also turns out that they hate webstart with a vengeance. According to my logs, a webstarted game is more than twice as likely to only be played once than a downloaded version. And for every good bit of feedback I get about webstart I get 200 disgruntled people giving me shit about it. I don't blame them.

Cas Smiley

I think it's more because they don't know what it is.
I have been coding java on and off  (as a hobby) for almost 5 years now and I didn't know webstart until last month when I came back to java (after a 2 years break to make games in the unreal engine).Actually there's absolutely no way to know about the existence of webstart unless you go to the Sun website, I never heard about it in the mainstream computer news and I'm sure that more than 80% of computer owners don't know about it.
Now if it was more widely used I'm sure people wouldn't bitch so much about it, because after all it's not very different from Flash , it's just that people don't like to install new protocols on their machine.

I also think that not all games should be webstarted : packaging is a very important part of selling something and using web distribution actually has the effect of making the product look "cheaper" in the eyes of the consumer.
People think  that if they can play something from a browser window it's not worth paying for it, and they are right.There are so many java and Flash games on the internet already.
Even if it is a free game people (like me) tend to get bored when they see a flash or java game (too much exposure) and unfortunately webstart falls in the same category.
When they download and install the game themselves people tend to feel more secure (especially if they are paranoid about virii and trojans) and they know they can uninstall it easily if required.
60  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Defection To Mono on: 2005-01-23 14:28:15
could you make a summary of what your customers don't like in Webstart please?
I'm curious about that.
I'd also be curious to have an idea of how many license you could sell for one given software or during any given month, provided you want to talk about that.I have the impression you were one of the little guys who was succesful in selling java software, even if course it would never be as succesful as a 100%windows app.

As for Microsoft suing Mono I don't think so, actually I wouldn't be surprised if they were secretely encouraging it. To promote .Net and to hurt java (and it works doesn't it?).

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