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1  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Pretty cool keyboard on: 2008-04-03 21:43:11
I always wanted to play with one of the consoles from the new star trek  shows Cheesy
I would buy one in an instant.
2  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Popular Java EXE packing methods on: 2005-06-11 14:34:03
I tried it out on TakeDown, works fine. However, it doesn't gain you a great deal unless your willing to hack around the VM, write yourself a native launcher that only launches your game to reduce the size.

If you're just looking to get a exe and don't care about size JSmooth is your answer. It just optionally packages the JVM with the distribution (making it whopping big).

Can you provide a link to takeDown?Thanks
3  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Episode III on: 2005-05-23 01:49:17
I liked it , unlike most of you I found anakin's turning (and palpatine's schemings) interesting and rather credible. when I watched  the first two movie I noticed anakin was actually acting like a sort of schizofrenic madman from the start but I don't know if it was because of the scenario or the bad acting.
Anyway there were the usual mishaps from lucas (IMHO 3po,r2 and chewbacca should never have appeared before ep.4). I liked Ewan Mc gregor, perfect choice for the role and nice make up to make him look like the young alec guiness. Ian mc Darmid was a pleasure to watch too.

But I  have to agree: way to much stupid CGI. Why on earth couldn't them refrain themselve to have kenobi riding the stupid  lizard?.
It seems that lucas is too old to adapt himself to modern CGI, he's not tired of it like us videogamers and he can't regulate himself. He's probably all "WOW" everytime someone shows him a stupid rubbery creature designed on a computer.
4  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: PS3 Game on: 2005-05-23 01:38:16
I doubt they will be able to pull out a lot of games like that.
And if they do you can be sure it will be the one millionth iteration of a done to death game like quake tournament or madden nba-nfl 2012 or klakchet and crank 10.
I think the next gen of console should have started to integrate in the machine's rom some predesigned models , reusable and customizable so that the develloper don't spend too much on the graphics and sfx parts.
5  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: one switch shooter on: 2005-05-12 14:12:00
It went full screen for about a second, then exited without a message.  Windows XP, Geforc 5500

same here Cry
athlon 3200 64bits +XP + geForceFX5700
6  Game Development / Performance Tuning / Re: problem with currentTimeMillis() on: 2005-05-11 14:46:45
The nano timer in 1.5, and in fact in every other bit of code in the rest of the universe that seems to rely on the same underlying code, is now unreliable and broken Sad Not a single game on my new laptop runs correctly - except the ones I've written Sad

Cas Smiley

Well in theory, every bit of timing code in the universe will always be faulty at one time or another anyway Cheesy
I changed my 2.6ghz athlon for a 3200+ XP64 and I didn't notice difference on my game that uses nanoTime().
And now that macintoshes have java 5, I think i'll stick with it, well maybe I'll write some redudant code to use misc.perf if the 1.4jvm is detected, that is if I manage to keep the motivation for that Smiley

7  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: particle system on: 2005-05-07 14:30:28
It doesn't work for me, the left side of the editor remains grey , it seems that the graphic area of the window doesn't show up. Running on Windows XP. There's no error message in the console.
8  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: J2SE Embedded: a leaner VM for gaming? on: 2005-05-05 13:34:52
From reading the article it seems that they are talking about small devices (telephone). They are saying that it's becoming interesting to embed a reduced j2se in telephone or mini computers instead of j2me.
I'm sure Sun will be okay to do that for small devices because it is a growing market and they don't want to loose it, but I would be surprised if they allowed you to embed a "customized" jvm with a desktop application.
That is not in their interest, their interest being to have their jvm installed on a maximum of machines.
9  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Spice Trade on: 2005-05-04 02:47:16
Looks good but it owuld be a very good idea to set up a demo version with limited location, dialogs,etc... so that the download be a bit smaller, 200 megs can rebuke some potential players.
The art looks good, is that original art or are these scans from medieval paintings?
10  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Carmack is trying Java, again on: 2005-04-22 21:04:23
Carmack is just a good succesful programmer, I wouldn't call him a genius, nobody needs a cult of personality.
Einstein was a good scientist who happened to be at the right place at the right time and got famous, I wouldn't say he was "miles ahead" of the "competition".
Both of them used ideas that were floating around at the time, scientific breakthroughs never come from a singular person.
There are far more serious intelligent hard-working people than what the media tell us.
11  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: MegaCorps Online - Java FPS with realti on: 2005-04-15 03:53:46

@cyberyoyo: you were a UScript coder? Cool. For which mods did ya work for? Any famous ones? *G*

Not famous ones: I worked with the teams of FEBA ( a cool but not quite famous mod) and GODZ. Then my first (solo) project:unreal adventure, not quite finished because I realized it was way too much work for peanuts.

12  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: MegaCorps Online - Java FPS with realti on: 2005-04-05 17:46:49

Have you ever done any Q or UT maps? For MCO building a map might don't take that much time like for Q and UT, but i mention their map editor isn't that powerfull either.
High Qualitity Q and UT maps take round about one month starting from the first scratch until the final release to the community. THis shall not be a comparission to industrie dev time, where a map mostly have to be done in two weeks...

Does MCO even have an editor for creating maps?

Yeah, although I don't have "a name" there, I spent several years designing maps and coding UT mods.
I was talking about a mapper, ready to adopt a new engine and to try new methods of working for an experience, and who would know the how-to to make a good couple of deathmatch maps to start. That would be a good way to take the engine tests to a new level.

We are talking about the engine demo, I don't think agency 9 really has time constraints, a couple of month of mappingwouldn't hurt them.
13  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: MegaCorps Online - Java FPS with realti on: 2005-03-30 22:35:15
The demo is good but you really need to hire a couple artist guys to add some punch to it. For example the lack of sound might be an handicap if you want to convince of the validity of your engine.
If you go to one of the "modding communities" out there (unreal tournament or quake something) you could find some people able to  build you a handful of good impressive map in a short time and maybe work on the sound or particle effects (which could be tweaked a bit ).

Good work nevertheless.
14  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Tower Puzzle on: 2005-03-30 06:25:11
What I mean is that the board of tiles is reset  before the timer hits 0 or all the requisite for colors are met.
I have tried the latest version, yes.
15  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Carmack is trying Java, again on: 2005-03-30 06:22:00
Maybe Steven Polge will give his opinion on the subject, I personally don't care much about Carmack myself  Roll Eyes

As for the Java reputation, well ...most people always ignored that Java could run good cross-platform desktop applications. The word Java has always been confused with whatever "trendy" technology Sun was trying to jump on at the time.
At the beginning(10 years ago) "Java" was a synonim for "ugly interactive web content"(applets). Nowadays it's a synonim for "ugly mobile games". Most people still ignore that Java can run good cross-platform software...
16  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Tower Puzzle on: 2005-03-28 21:23:47
very nice little concept.
Only problem is that the game sometimes stop without any reason (time and colors left)
17  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Puppy Invaders on: 2005-03-24 17:11:05
Looking good  Tongue
18  Game Development / Performance Tuning / Re: problem with currentTimeMillis() on: 2005-03-23 19:37:54
GAGE Timer is at:

Its a native library for windows (...)

Yeah that's what I noticed unfortunately, so it doesn't really solve the problems I have and it's not really better than using java1.5 if it's only for Windows.
19  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Loading external class files - how? on: 2005-03-10 19:26:35
maybe it's more annoying to see 10 different "answers" or lectures about netiquette, than a misplaced post once in a while.
20  Game Development / Networking & Multiplayer / Re: MoleBox on: 2005-03-10 17:17:07
Hmmm.. I'm pretty sure that your are still infringing on one of Sun's licence since you are distributing their classes, even compressed. Maybe not the JRE licence but another one.Now maybe I'm wrong because I haven't read all of the EULA and I don't remember the terms.
Anyway you'll probably have most of your bases covered if you don't mention the word "java" for that packaged version of the software.
21  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Array Painter - Easy way to make 2D Arrays!! on: 2005-03-10 16:24:14
Interesting to see how your map editor evolved into something bigger.
Nice presentation also (the domain name is a plus).
I'll give it a try.
My 2d engine already has a tilemap editor but I will try to modify it to make it work with arrayPainter too.
22  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re:  my 2d engine first public test (java 5.0 on: 2005-03-09 19:39:58
I thought a game would be better to demonstrate how efficient the engine  really is.
I'll prepare a better demo.
At the moment the engine has everything you can expect from sprites made with 3d polygons:
3-axis rotations,translucency,zooming,colorizing,etc,etc....
The same for the scrolling planes.
Now for those who tested it could you indicate what's your config? thanks.

I'll make a better demo,stay tuned Smiley
23  Games Center / Archived Projects / my 2d engine first public test (java 5.0 + jogl) on: 2005-03-09 02:05:01
This is the 2d engine I'm working on(see download at the end of post).
I started it as a sprite/scrolling engine but I have a plan and I want to make it slowly evolve to a sort of art-oriented 3d engine (with staticMeshes and no BSP).

For the moment it's for java 1.5.0 only, sorry but it will take some time before I can eventually adapt it to java 1.4 and frankly I would prefer to wait for the next java version rather than spend my time coding compability stuff. Sorry for mac users  Embarrassed  
I'll see if I can work that up but I feel strongly inclined to port everything to C++ because distributing a java game doesn't seem very user-friendly at the moment.

It's my first public release of java code, and I am not experienced with jar files (I left most of the rssources out of the jar because I couldn't make them work from within it).So please don't be too harsh and help me fix the errors. At the moment I'd be surprised if it worked on everybody's computer "as is" Smiley (it will try to set fullscreen at 800X600, be prepared)


The graphics will look a bit strange, but I have mixed two of my games projects and they have very different settings (a post apoclyptic shooter, and an insect-themed arcade game).But it's just a demo/public test for the engine, not a real game.

You play some kind of segmented insect and you must survive the longest possible. Move your "head" with the mouse, your body will follow, every second the score is incremented depending on the number of segments in your body.
Mutants moths (yes moth) are chasing you, don,'t let them touch your "head" or you wil loose two of your segment, if you are touched without any "body" segment left, you lose the game (the program quits -a bit abruptly- to the desktop).
There are two types of floating bonuses that appear: blue ("spd") bonus will increase your speed and red("life") bonus will give you one additional segment.

-sound: no sound.

As you can see from the output in the console, I expected to release the engine open source, but I'm not sure anymore  because there are already so many sprite engine and I'm not very good at "academic programming", it will probably be difficult for me to make it develloper-friendly (although I have already created a couple of nice editors).
I want to focus on graphic output (fast sprites ,scrolling and effects) and not make a complete game API, the engine will manage only display and collision notifies.

WARNING:this demo makes a lot of flashing effects in the background, so don't try it if you have photosensitive epilepsy (I'm serious).

DOWNLOAD (win32+linux)[/b](2.6 MB)

[edit] correct download link
24  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: Exigent..further progress on: 2005-03-08 13:12:39
looks very promising  Smiley
25  Discussions / Community & Volunteer Projects / Re: Project Proposal: Human on: 2005-03-07 08:24:45
sounds like a good idea to me, like a virtual universe with custom created content.
Only problem is that it will require very motivated community and also good servers capable to run h24.
26  Game Development / Performance Tuning / problem with currentTimeMillis() on: 2005-03-05 23:18:19
After reading that a lot of people had problems with java5.0 I decided to redo my 2d engine so that it worked with java 1.4.x.
I had a game loop that used nanoTime() for time synchro and it worked like a charm.
I rewrote my loop, this time using currentTimeMillis() and I just noticed a problem:
the value of currentTimeMillis is not updated regularly.The value isn't changed during 3 iterations and suddenly at the fourth it is increased of 50 units (50 milliseconds).
That makes it practically impossible to achieve a smooth animation in my engine.
Anybody else have encountered this problem? and do you have solutions?
27  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: GNU java toolchain on: 2005-03-03 16:51:39
For the last 2/3 days I have been trying to install an alternative virtual machine and/or class API.I have downloaded kaffe, mingW32 and cygWin, so I have probably 2 versions of gcc installed.
Unfortunately, not being a linux guy makes it very difficult.Last night I just fell asleep on the computer trying to understand everything and make it work.
Sadly it will be a while until something popular and easy to use appears.
28  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Shortcuts in OOP on: 2005-02-25 23:14:13
Please, someone with administrator privileges: change his avatar to one of eric CARTMAN.
That will do it for me Smiley
29  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: good 2d engine? on: 2005-02-23 12:38:47
There are so many spritesd engines out there it should be only  a matter of searching a bit.
Incidentally I am producing a little open source sprite engine but it's not released yet. Keep an eye on the "your games here" forum where I'll post the initial tests maybe this week or the next one.
My engine will be optimized for fast multiple scrollings and numerous sprites but with simpler collision detection .(no pixel-perfect detection but it should be OK for most games).
30  Games Center / Archived Projects / Re: chopper game pre-release question on: 2005-02-19 12:20:06

Well one of the principal particularities of an helicopter is the possibility to hover on a certain area , while it seems that your helicopter is constantly moving, and it takes a bit too long to change the velocity direction.It should be possible to vary the speed too.
Apart from that the ocntrols are okay.
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