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1  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: Rayvolution's JGO Appreciation Thread (AKA: Free copies of Retro-Pixel Castles!) on: 2015-05-27 09:36:33
I would be interested in playing it.

I didn't want to buy it for myself yet, because I thought I would wait for it to be nearing completion before I did.
2  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What do you define as a programming language? on: 2015-05-01 10:50:09
This is another askyahoo situation isn't it? where no one have an opinion or thought on their own, instead they just go to sources to give the absolute definition.

Or your responses are well educated.

I am currently studying defining languages and such in Formal Languages and Automata class, which is done in Software Engineering and Computer Science at my uni.

EDIT: Touring machines are apart of Formal Languages and Automata.
3  Game Development / Game Mechanics / Re: [LibGDX] Cinematic text rendering on: 2015-03-21 03:25:17
I have never thought about how to implement it until now, so here is a way you could implement it.

First of all you do not want a loop. If you use a loop, its always going to render the entire string each frame.

Use an if statement, that checks to see if a certain amount of time has passed since the last character appended to the output.

Have a variable that stores the entire string, and append one character to the end of the output, and remove that character from the variable that stores the entire string.

Which should produce one character appearing at a time at a fixed time.
4  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Velocity Slide Effect on: 2015-03-18 05:13:46
make DAMP = a higher value?

using 10 as a example, before you apply the DAMP, it would be 10, then as soon as you apply DAMP, it would become 2.

maybe you should use a value that will not reduce it so dramatically. Which is the first thing you should of tried, trying different values, to make it be more to your liking.

at the moment, your reducing it to be 80% of the current value, which seems a little to high for a sliding.
5  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2015-02-22 01:27:02
I finished all game play elements in my first android game! Woo! (Although they are very simple). Now just some simple sound and some ads and boom! google play store here I come! Pointing I'll post it here when it gets published.

Also, in LibGDX is there any way to call a method in my AndroidLauncher class from my core class?

Yes, add an interface to the AndroidLauncher (and other Launcher files to, just leave the method code blank).

Then pass the class to your core MyGdxGame class, and you can call the methods, if its android the code will execute, if its desktop or any other, it wont.

EDIT: this link here shows you how to implement what I was talking about, but when I added ad's the wiki page was outdated.
6  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Attempting to make my game prototype take screen shots via LIBGDX. on: 2015-02-12 00:54:52
you have to make a new instance of the class.

ScreenRecorder screenRecorder = new ScreenRecorder();

7  Game Development / Shared Code / Re: LibGDX Lightning Effect Code on: 2015-02-11 12:15:56
Also to make it simpler @Phased took out a performance enhancement where I use the Sqrt class with precalculated values to speed up the get distance calculation

Furthermore note that this code was not intended for third party use and was just part of my code base and I posted it, meaning it might still be clunky and there are some hardcoded values to some extend.

Actually, I just changed from my getDistance() to your original implementation.

Looking through the code again, in your original implementation, you decided to use the getDistanceAccurate() method, which is the code implemented in the one on this thread.

Your Trigonemtrics class had getDistanceAccurate() and getDistanceFast(), and your GFX class used getDistanceAccurate().

About the hard coded variables, there is a few, but I did mess around with them, and then numbers you chose in my opinion are the actual "magic number" they made it look the best in my opinion.

I was going to add a method to set them, so the user could customize it, but I didn't worry as it didn't really improve it.
8  Game Development / Shared Code / LibGDX Lightning Effect Code on: 2015-02-11 04:16:00
To an Android Game I am currently developing slowly, I thought a Lightning effect would look good to link and show something is in effect.

I first tried to create my own Lightning, but my first go didn't look exactly as I wanted it.

I remembered seeing a post about someone sharing some source code on a game, and decided to look for it.

After talking to Cero about his lightning code here, I went through with it and implemented it into my game.

Since implementing the code into my game, I decided to modify Cero's original code, to make it more friendly to use, by setting some methods to private and also adding a few duplicate methods to allow more control or less code required to use.

Source Code
Source Code can be found here

The GFX class is completely static, you do not need to create a new instance of it, just supply the texture once, and use it when you need to.

During your creation of the game, in the create() method add the line
GFX.setTexture(new Texture("image.png")); //set a texture for it to use, 1x1 white image is all that is required

Preview of the effect:

Default Chain Lightning
Click to Play

Red and Yellow Chain Lightning
Click to Play

Multi Coloured Chain Lightning
Click to Play

Chain Lightning in a random position
Click to Play

Default Sphere Lightning
Click to Play

Red and Yellow Sphere Lightning
Click to Play

Multi Coloured Sphere Lightning
Click to Play

Using a 1x1 white image will produce the lightning a little differently to what is seen in the previews, if you would like the image I used you can get it here

If you have any suggestions for improvements, let me know, and I will see what I can do.

Thanks to Cero for letting me use his code, the original can be found here.
9  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Android error: package android.os does not exist on: 2015-02-04 12:45:39
Do you have the Android SDK setup in eclipse?

Have you downloaded the Android API from the Android SDK Manager?
10  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: True sprite centering libgdx on: 2015-01-27 05:16:46
Not knowing how much of your code works, if you want to just center it on your screen.

player.setPlayerPosition(( / 2 ) - (texture.getWidth() / 2), ( / 2 ) - (texture.getHeight() / 2));

Well, ray, just as i went to hit post, you replied.
11  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2015-01-24 07:32:32
Got into the windows insider program and a free copy of Windows 10, installed it on my Surface Pro 3 after having to hack an intel driver installer that specifically says not to install it on Windows 10 in the '.inf' file. Works fine though... For now...

That is a preview build, not the final build, so I hope you kept your windows key (or you could be dual booting I guess). Once Windows 10 is released, you will need to change back to your old Windows, and upgrade to windows 10.

All windows 7 and 8 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free for the first year of its release.
12  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: RESOLVED: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2015-01-22 22:46:03
New computer built from parts is up and running!

I'm using an AMD FX 6300 CPU (6 cores). There is an 8-core available for a future upgrade.

I'm using a Saphire Radeon R7 260X GPU. It was listed as a good low-cost option for gaming PCs in a Toms article. (Ah, Phased recommended this GPU in an earlier post.) Upgrading to a 750 Ti can wait for a bit.

Thanks, everyone!

I wouldn't think going from a Radeon 260X to a GeForce 750Ti would be much of an upgrade if any.

It is not a upgrade, but he was on a really low budget, my suggestion was a 750 TI, and a Radeon 260x if he had to really save money (almost half the price in some cases). Especially when he noted his not a huge gamer, especially not with newer games that get released.

he also said the GTX 750 TI would be a future upgrade, though by the time you decide to upgrade @philfrei , it would probably be better to try going for something more powerful then the 750 TI.

From looking at graphics cards when I was looking one for a friend, a lot of people were suggesting the Radeon 260x over the GTX 750 TI, as it was cheaper and supposedly better in some cases.

Also from my looking around, most people on tomshardware tell people to not use gpuboss as its not a reliable way to compare them.
13  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Is LWJGL 3 stable enough for use? on: 2015-01-06 04:37:15
Better in the long run?

Yes, LWJGL 3 has a bigger plan then just target desktop. And is going to be adding other stuff such Occulus rift support. Also, LWJGL 2 is no longer being maintained, so any bugs will most likely stay in it for ever, while bugs will be fixed in LWJGL 3.

Stable enough, I think it should be, if it was not stable enough, I do not think they would of started to release builds for use.
14  Game Development / Newbie & Debugging Questions / Re: Is LWJGL 3 stable enough for use? on: 2015-01-06 04:31:55
I did a direct copy and paste of a game pretty much from LWJGL 2 to LWJGL 3.

the only error I had (that I remember) from the copy and paste was my Shader loading class, which was horrible in a way, so I changed it.

for changing the display to GLFW, well I pretty much just followed the LWJGL 3 GUIDE, when I did it there was one mistake in it, but I managed to work that out by just checking out the LWJGL3 wiki.

I think if you have a little bit of experience in LWJGL or just OpenGL in general, it should not be really much of a difference.

SHC has also been writing LWJGL3 tutorials on his website, so you could follow his tutorials to learn how set up GLFW.
15  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: System requirements for Oculus Rift? on: 2015-01-04 23:14:13
I believe you really want to go for about 75+ FPS for it to be good.

from their website:

Minimum requirements: A computer running a Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS 10.8 or higher, or Ubuntu 12.04 LTS operating system, 2 USB ports (at least one powered), and a DVI-D or HDMI graphics output.
Recommended specifications: A desktop computer running a dedicated graphics card with DVI-D or HDMI graphics output, with capability of running current generation 3D games at 1080p resolution at 75fps or higher.

I believe at lower then 75 FPS its easier for people to get nausea from the use of it.

from a Reddit Thread, they recommend a minimum of a GTX 770.

The integrated graphics, may be ok for short testing.

I believe Mike has a Occulus rift, I think he integrated it with his game if I remember correctly, may be thinking of someone else, but I think it was him.
16  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The Escapist! on: 2015-01-04 09:08:10
That 2.55 million is not pure profit. Only a fraction of that 2.55 million was actually profit.

So now.

firstSubtraction = 2.55 million - cost of development.

now we are getting closer to the profit.

secondSubtraction = firstSubtraction - money to be put into the next game to be developed.

now we have how much profit they actually made. I can't give you values, as I do not know them, and I do not know how much they got paid per developer.

you could even subtract the cost of what it takes to keep their office rent / power bills / internet bills / what ever else is needed to keep their business and office up.

thirdSubtraction = secondSubtraction - business or office costs.

that 2.55 million could actually mean their behind in profit, and lost money because of this game they made.
17  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: What I did today on: 2014-12-27 06:48:35
You can still start your computer.

Find out what pins are the power button on your motherboard, and you should be able to just bridge it with something like a screw driver (something metal) to short it.
18  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2014-12-12 06:15:26
seems like there was "another way" to get gems, the auction just got taken down, because of people duplicating gems.
19  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2014-12-12 06:03:21
bought 50k gems from the market for $1.50, I had $1.57 in my steam wallet Smiley

36k gems left over still, not sure what to get or if I should buy more Tongue

gems are currently going for $0.03 USD (lowest possible amount) for 1000 gems, 50k gems = $1.50
20  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2014-12-12 05:48:37
you seem to be right.

according the FAQ the bid is the max you want to spend, and steam will automatically increase

Can I place a "max bid"?
Your bid should be the most you are willing to spend. Steam will automatically increase your bid up to that amount to keep yours the highest bid. Steam will never exceed your bid unless you increase it.

from what it looks like, steam puts it to the next nearest 100 gems
21  Games Center / Featured Games / Re: [Slick2d] Retro-Pixel Castles > Now on Steam! < on: 2014-12-12 05:32:10
looks like you have a bot bidding on your game, every time I try and get into #1 spot, the bot has put 100 more then me before I even see my name as the highest bidder!
22  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-10 07:30:33

I chose that motherboard over a full size one, as it was the cheapest motherboard that supports overclocking.

To my research on the G3258, there was really only one motherboard that allowed overclocking, but ASUS released BIOS updates to allow overclocking because of the release of the G3258. I believe the one I chose allows overclocking, and if he overclocked the G3258, he would for sure benefit a lot more.

A lot like to overclock the G3258, so it should be really easy to find a guide to get a stable overclock.

So the motherboard I chose was more to get the maximum power possible. if philfrei will for sure not overclock the CPU (I probably recommend at least looking up guides and deciding if you think you could do it), you could save around $20 and go for a cheaper board, that will most likely not support overclocking.
23  Game Development / Game Play & Game Design / Re: Enemies Movement... How ? #TerrariaExample on: 2014-12-09 09:43:58
That would be really easy in a way,

Just have no path finding for the mob. check for collision and it will bump out, and just set a negative velocity.

so it will never know if a wall is in front of it, but if it hits it, it will bounce back.

EDIT: fixed it up, wrote character instead of mob
24  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-09 06:12:25

That should be a lot better, and probably the best you can get for $450 (well, $490, but $45 in rebates).

That motherboard I think lets you overclock, I believe a lot more motherboards got updates to allow for overclocking to use for the G3258, but you may have to update the BIOS to get it to overclock.

if it is to much, you could scale down a little on the GPU, and save a little bit.

EDIT: Oops, looks like I forgot to put a case, you could either reuse your case on your current PC to save some money, or press Edit on the page, and choose a case, you can sort by cheapest to find one. probably be about $500 after rebates, so you may want to scale down on the GPU to something like a Radeon  r7 260x, or down to the GTX 600 series (where you could get a GTX 650 for like $60).
25  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-09 05:44:38
I recommend you use: PC Part Picker

All CPU's can be a minecraft server really, im sure the Intel Pentium G3258 at $60 could probably run one.

the Intel Pentium G3258 dual core CPU may be a good option if you really don't want a good CPU, at around $60 and can be easily overclocked up to about 4.5ghz if you get the motherboard that allows overclocking. People compare it to the Intel i3 or i5 (cant remember which one) when its overclocked and it gives a great fight for its really cheap price.

That 750 TI, I saw one for like $128 on pcpartpicker, and it came with a $15 rebate, so it was even cheaper.

If you want the i3 dual core, I would seriouesly maybe take a look at the G3258 if you want to overclock it to get the best for your money, there should be a lot of tutorial or even videos for overclocking it, just do a little research before you buy it.
26  Discussions / General Discussions / Re: am thinking of getting this PC, for both gaming and developing on: 2014-12-08 23:48:23
I would wait too, saving between $100-$200 USD more, and you could get a way better computer, in pretty much all areas.

an FX 8320 CPU (3.2ghz (or 3.6?) 8 core CPU)
8gb RAM
GTX 750TI (or could go for the r7 260x which would save you around $30 depending on which one you get)
1tb HDD

which would cost around about $600, maybe little more / little less.

but if you are able to I would hold off to get a better computer that will last a bit longer.
27  Java Game APIs & Engines / OpenGL Development / Re: LWJGL 3; how's it getting along? on: 2014-12-08 06:06:10
Just a note about one line of code that is wrong in the Guide:

at line 41:
glfwSetErrorCallback(errorCallback = errorfunPrint(System.err));

should be:

glfwSetErrorCallback(errorCallback = errorCallbackPrint(System.err));
28  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: The C family, should I dig deeper? on: 2014-11-13 22:52:21
Learning assembly and C in college right now, I'm absolutely loving it. C really is a portable assembly language, there's very very little syntax sugar which makes it simple and beautiful. I'll be doing much more C now and C++ soon!

I just learnt C++ Tongue and had my final on Wednesday that just past.

We learnt java then C++. going from Java to C++ was kinda big step to begin with, but after you actually start its fairly easy lol, I seem to be able to learn programming languages really fast once I get into a course that we learn a new language.
29  Games Center / WIP games, tools & toy projects / Re: GNetLib V0.0.0.2 (A Simple Java Networking Library) on: 2014-10-20 03:23:49
you could give support for returning a string anyway by simply changing void to String

String print(final String message)
   if (debugging)
      System.out.println("GNetServer -> " + message);
   return "GNetServer -> " + message;

String printERR(final String message)
   if (debugging)
      System.err.println("GNetServer -> " + message);
   return "GNetServer -> " + message;

now, if the user has debugging mode off, he can still gather the messages as well.

for the 4 line change, it is probably worth it more to satisfy the users in all scenarios.

maybe they want to filter the messaging system, by only displaying messages in the text area that are important to the server host, e.g. someone connected, someone disconnected.
30  Discussions / Miscellaneous Topics / Re: Free or cheap java hosting for my server? on: 2014-10-12 01:38:20
you would buy the OpenVZ VPS from them.

install Putty

Connect via putty

upload your .jar to a webhost

download java onto the vps

create a folder on your VPS

wget your .jar file

run the jar file like you would through a command prompt.

how to connect? they will give you a IP, so you can connect via the IP or you could buy a domain.
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